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Film & TV Advice

Absolute Defence can provide:

  • Armed Combat Advice

  • Unarmed Combat Advice

  • Fight Choreography

  • Military Advice

  • Weapons Training

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Absolute Defence | Film & TV Advice

Watch ‘Embedded’

Watch the trailer for ‘Embedded’, short pilot film by Red & Black Films. The film follows a news crew attached to a military unit searching for a downed aircraft in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Absolute Defence’s Ollie Braithwaite both appeared in the movie and provided military advice.

“Ollie and the Absolute Defence team provided an exceptional level of support and consultation for our film. They’ve added a level of authenticity and professionalism which we could not have hoped to achieve without them. Until you work with guys like these, you don’t realise how important they are – I’d recommend them to anyone.”
John Giwa-Amu, Red & Black Films

John Giwa-Amu | Red & Black Films