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Absolute Defence | Ollie Braithwaite

Major Ollie Braithwaite

Commissioned as an Officer of a front line infantry battalion from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2000, Ollie has completed four demanding operational tours around the world. For six years he instructed at British Army centres of excellence for both tactics and leadership and has also worked at Army Headquarters in Combat Capability Development. He has trained in and studied more than 7 martial arts and fighting systems over the last 3 decades and holds a Black Belt and Instructor’s qualification in Tae Kwon-Do.  In addition, Ollie has studied many of the world’s leading self-protection and Unarmed Combat Systems.

His unique experience encompasses a life-long, in depth analysis of self-protection systems and a keen interest in Behavioural Science alongside worldwide travel, sometimes in hostile environments, where he has had to put theory into practice. This gives him the ultimate qualification and skills to capture the imaginations of young people embarking on life in a wider global context and well established professionals who respect dedication and professionalism. Ollie is a Founding Director and CEO of Absolute Defence.

Tom Rowland-Hill

Tom is a founding Director of Absolute Defence and began his career in new business acquisition and client liaison for a top London agency’s motorsport and luxury clients. He then learnt to teach English as a foreign language and moved to Japan in order to teach and pursue his long held interests in Japanese culture and martial arts. During Tom’s time in Japan he accepted the position of Commercial Director of an Italian luxury yacht manufacturer on Lake Como, where he stayed for five years.

He has worked for three years as a security specialist, practiced martial arts, boxed and has a keen interest in language and language patterns coupled with behavioural science. Tom is a Founding Director of Absolute Defence.

Absolute Defence | Tom Rowland-Hill


How long is the course?

It depends on the course but the best format is to complete the ISP Course in a single day, but different options can be discussed to fit your needs. The Unarmed Combat Course is currently two days for the basic user course, two days for the Assistant Instructor Course, five days for the Instructor Course and 10 days for the Master Instructor Course. The CP Course details are available upon request.

How much do the courses cost?

Again, course costs vary dependant on the numbers taking the course, venue availability and cost and type of course. Give us an email or call and we can discuss options that best suit you.

Where are the courses held?

We come to your organisation, workplace or school and only ask for a suitable space to be provided. We can advise on the suitability of your preferred venue. Send us an enquiry or call and we can discuss the requirements.

Will participants receive any certification for attending the course?

We provide an official Absolute Defence course certificate which comes either as a hard copy or an electronic copy. There is a small fee but the electronic copy is cheaper.